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About Diff. Our Story.

Like most creative professionals, We're always looking for better ways to practice our craft and improve the performance of the equipment we use to discover and document the inspirations for our work. In 2012, DIFF Products set out to design and manufacture smart, multifunctional iPhone cases, and accessories to help make creating content even better.

Today DIFF continues to strive to make innovative products that perform flawlessly with your existing gear. Our new line of Cinema Rigs, Universal Smartphone Mounts, and Outdoor Sun Shades can be used across numerous devices from today's most popular manufacturers, including smartphones, point and shoot cameras, and brand name DSLRs used in professional photography and video. 

Capturing great moments is infinitely more possible when using the right accessories. I’m very proud that DIFF products are now being used daily by creative individuals, photography and film studios, and colleges and universities worldwide.

I hope you'll find that our products will make a DIFF in your photo/video endeavors.

Happy Shooting!

Jim Armstrong - Owner, Diff Products

Designer, Photographer/Filmmaker, Artist